Primal's 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains

The best cannabis strain is a matter of personal opinion, but certain strains are popular for a reason.
A large part of choosing an ideal strain depends on the results you're seeking. The most popular cannabis choices are hybrids of indica and sativa, which gives you the best of both worlds. Those seeking deep relaxation may opt for an indica-dominant strain, while those looking for a more energizing experience should look for higher sativa percentages. An experienced team member at Primal can guide you toward the best product for your situation or desired effect, but learning more about the 10 most popular current cannabis strains is a good place to start your search.

1. MAC by Jade Fire
The Miracle Alien Cookies grown by Jade Fire stands apart from the rest due to the advanced grow technique they use that keeps organic practices in mind. This process brings out the aroma and pungency of the cannabis flowers and showcases the heritage beautifully. MAC is an incredibly balanced 50/50 hybrid that is perfect for fans of both the euphoric and relaxing effects. Jade Fire's MAC is sweet-smelling, especially on exhale, with an overtone of chocolate. Typically, you will be hit with a creative euphoria that melts into a deep relaxation that calms the entire body and mind. MAC is a popular choice for those suffering from restlessness, body discomfort, or mood.

2. Peyote Cookies by Jade Fire
Barney's Farm took the best of Peyote Purple and combined it with Cookies Kush to create this exhilarating hybrid strain. Picture a smell that is both sweet and earthy, with a taste that has overtones of tropical guava and hints of nutty vanilla and fresh coffee. Peyote Cookies is heavily Indica-dominant at 95% with a strong 20% THC. This means after the initial happy onset, you can spend hours in a deeply relaxed physical state. As for appearance, the spade-shaped flower has undertones of purple shade. For medicinal purposes, Peyote Cookies is often selected for individuals suffering from nausea and loss of appetite or for general body discomfort or mood.

3. Blue Legend
Like many newly popular hybrid strains, Blue Legend is the product of combining two successful strains that brings in the best of each. Diamond OG is a 50/50 balanced strain that leads to a deeply relaxed overall physical state. In contrast, Blue Dream is slightly sativa dominant, leading to a nearly-immediate creative and energetic head high that is followed by a warm and mellow relaxation. Blue Dream has a sweetness to it, with a blueberry flavor that is long-lasting. Combining Diamond OG and Blue Dream lets you have the relaxation you crave while still finding that initial energy you seek. The resulting flower is dense and sticky, with just enough OG smell to balance out the sweetness.

4. OZ by Primal 
When a strain has famous, award-winning parents it is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. OZ is an offspring of OG Eddy Lepp and Zkittlez produced by 3rd Gen Family Farms and Terp Hogz. OG Eddy Lepp is a High Times Cannabis Cup winner that has a potent 50/50 balance, while Zkittlez is indica-dominant and used as the parent of several incredible blends. With this kind of heritage, it's no surprise OZ has climbed the ranks of popularity at Primal.

5. Chunky Diesel by Jade Fire
This Sour Diesel strain produces distinctive bright and dark green chunky nuggets with brown strands and frosty trichomes sprinkled within. As a sativa-dominant strain, you can expect a clear, energetic, and focused experience, which could make it a popular choice for those with mood. The flavor is dominated by chocolate overtones, but the diesel lineage is not lost.

6. London Pound Mints by Bloom County
As the name implies, this strain is popular due to its amazing smell and flavor profile. The popular London Poundcake is Indica-dominant so you can achieve a long relaxed state after an initial period of cheerful bliss. The real draw to this strain is the flavor. London Poundcake is known for its incredible flavor, a mixture of berry sweetness and nutty lemon. When combined with the minty freshness of Kush Mintz, which is a very balanced strain, the resulting flavor is something extraordinary. Since London Poundcake is a favorite among individuals with focus, energy levels, and mood; the addition of a balanced Kush Mintz means you still get similar benefits with a pop of extra flavor.

7. Runtz by Bloom County
It's no surprise that a Runtz strain made the most popular list since this candy-tasting fruity blend is the fastest-selling strain in the area. Combining the best of Zkittlez and Gelato #33, Runtz leads you through a journey, first lifting you up and then deeply calming you into a sedated, relaxed state for hours. Even the look of the flower is exciting, olive green with purple undertones and bright orange hairs. The crystal trichomes are purple-tinted and frosty. The high levels of THC make it a popular choice for those with body discomfort, mood or restlessness.

8. Motorbreath
Fans of Motorbreath love the distinctly strong diesel aroma and numbing sedation it provides, so it makes sense combining it with Chemdog to create the Motorbreath hybrid. Chemdog is also a parent of Sour Diesel, making it one of the most popular choices for parentage.

9. Trop Storm by Primal
You'll know right away if you've stumbled upon Trop Stom. Grown by Primal, this sativa-dominant strain is rare and beautiful, with a purple tone that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the other senses. In spite of the sativa dominance, the result is still an evenly balanced experience that provides both an uplifting energy and later relaxation. The fruity tropical flavor of the parentage comes through in this unique blend.

10. Jungle MAC
Jungle MAC is an exclusive strain from the ever-private breeder Capulator. The cross between WIFi, which is slightly indica-dominant, and MAC, which is a popular 50/50 strain gives you a nice balance. Capulator's version is a THC-dominant variety that is grown from seeds that have never been feminized, making this an exclusive choice that is sure to please.
As an experienced cannabis customer, you may have in mind the experience you're looking for, but if you are a novice or just want to try something new, the team at Primal in Colorado Springs, CO can help you decide. Come see what selections they have to offer or browse our menu for selection information.

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