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Cannabis Edibles at Primal LLC

When it comes to edibles, our team at Primal understands that variety is almost as important as quality. That’s why we offer a massive selection of weed edibles on our medical marijuana dispensary menu. You can find it all, from THC gummies to marijuana drinks. Prefer the classic baked goods just with modern quality control? We can make that happen, too!

Types of THC Edibles
There are a lot of creative people working in the cannabis industry, which means medical marijuana patients have lots of options. Explore all of the different types of edibles, so you know what’s available to you:
  • Candy – Weed gummies, infused chocolate bars, and more
  • Beverages – From weed soda to low-calorie drinks with a variety of THC levels
  • Baked Goods – Made by professionals, instead of your coworker’s friend’s uncle

We even have edibles that will match up with your dietary restrictions. If you need something gluten-free or vegan, let us know or filter the online dispensary menu accordingly.

Best Edibles Brands
We recognize the important difference between medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis customers. Even though all legal cannabis products in Colorado are carefully regulated, there’s an extra sense of responsibility when it comes to serving medical marijuana patients. That’s why we only trust the most reputable cannabis edible brands to supply the products on our medical dispensary menu:
  • Incredibles – They say the first Incredibles prototypes were special cookies for Grandma Noni’s pain. Grandma was the original fan, and now this is one of the most recognizable medical marijuana brands in the world. 
  • Keef Brands – 10 years ago, the founder of Keef Brands realized that drinkable cannabis was the next logical step after cannabis edibles. Innovative extraction processes and refined recipes make these tasty beverages unlike anything else.
  • Robhots – These infused gummies are made in small batches to preserve consistency and quality.
  • Coda Signature – This brand claims to get their inspiration from music. Wherever they’re finding it, they’re getting it in bulk.
  • Local Colorado Edibles Brands – In addition to these established brands, we’re always looking for the next big thing and finding boutique cannabis edibles from the Colorado cannabis community.

Medical Marijuana Edibles vs. Other Weed Edibles
One of the primary benefits of getting a medical marijuana card instead of buying recreational cannabis in Colorado Springs (besides reduced taxes and better prices) is that you can get edibles with higher THC levels. Unlike homemade edibles, though, you always know exactly how much THC you’re getting at once. Medical marijuana edibles are made for people who want high, precise amounts of cannabinoids.

Buy Marijuana Edibles in Colorado Springs
At Primal, we opened our medical dispensary in April of 2020 to provide superior medical marijuana for the Knob Hill Neighborhood. That means carrying premium strains, a variety of cannabis concentrates, and, of course, medical marijuana edibles. We fill our dispensary menu with products from the best cannabis companies in Colorado, which is itself a leader of the cannabis community.

Carrying top-shelf cannabis products isn’t all that’s expected of the best medical dispensary in Colorado Springs, though. We also strive to provide an unparalleled level of patient care. We found a convenient location near Memorial Park, where we open early and close late. Our wheelchair friendly dispensary has an ATM to make cash transactions more convenient.

Come visit us today to experience kind customer service in person, or order online for maximum convenience that matches our excellent pricing and deals.